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We have plugins for different platforms, they can be integrated in minutes.

Your e-commerce more agile and profitable

PayPhone is created to help you grow in this digital economy. We have what you need, find it here.

How does PayPhone work?

PayPhone is a global payment and collection suite created to help your business. From the beginning our goal has been to drive e-commerce and make getting paid easy, fast and secure. 

We have many products that can be adjusted to your needs.

Integrates in minutes

We care about your time, with PayPhone the flows are very simple.

Register today, integrate today, get paid today; ALL TODAY.


Receive credit card payments in your WordPress store.

Integration time:

7 minutes


Receive card payments in your Prestashop store.

Integration time:

10 minutes

ExpressCheckout 1.2

No matter the platform, with small steps you receive payments. 

Integration time:

30 minutes

Full control with your PayPhone Developer tool

With our PayPhone Developer platform you have full control of your integration, you decide how to run the tests and when to go to production, the control is in your hands.


Controlled test environment


Real-time transaction monitoring


No bureaucracy, you have all the control


Robust security system: PCI DSS 3.2, anti-fraud system, 3DS verification

Powered by PayPhone

Doubts are normal when something changes your world. Ask whatever you want.

What is Payphone?

Payphone is a transactional ecosystem that allows you to receive Visa and Mastercard credit and debit card payments in minutes, and pay other people or establishments quickly. No hassle, start today, get paid today.

If you keep your balance in the Payphone network you can pay other people and establishments with 0 cost. That's right, with no monthly or transaction costs, nor do we have maintenance or integration costs.


  • If you charge $50, you can spend that $50 within the Payphone network at no cost. Just like cash, you can use your balance at Medicity pharmacies, Tia stores, Tipti and more than 3000 establishments.

When you want to withdraw your balance to your bank account we charge a 6% fee.


  • If you withdraw $50, you receive $47 in your bank account, that is, you can have 0 cost by keeping the money in the network, or have the best commission in the market by withdrawing your balance.

We have PCI DSS 3.2 security certification as well as 3D Secure authentication. We also have anti-fraud engines and transaction control, in short, we are super secure.

We are the leading platform in integration time because the process is autonomous, you control your tests and your development. But to put it in time something like this:

  • Woocommerce: 7 minutes.
  • Prestashop: 10 minutes.
  • Express Checkout: 30 minutes.
  • Redirection payment button: 45 minutes

(These times are approximate, we have had developers run it in half the time, it also depends on the connection to your system).