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How does the Prestashop module work?

The Prestashop module is the ideal solution to receive credit and debit card payments in your e commerce. Follow our tutorial and in a few minutes you will have your payment button active and functional, besides bank cards it allows you to receive gift cards and Payphone balance from your customers using our app.

Steps to integrate the module

To receive payments with our gateway just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your Payphone Business account and set it up
  2. Installing the Payphone module on your Prestashop site
  3. Configure the module
  4. Start charging

Environment configuration

To configure the module you must meet certain requirements that we divide into two categories: Commercial Requirements y Development Requirements.

Business Requirements:

  • The establishment that is to receive the payments must be registered with Payphone Business. To start the registration you can do click here.
  • With the shop active and ready to transact, you must create a user of type "developer"which we will explain below.

Development Requirements:

  • You must configure on our developer website "Payphone Developer". your development environment where you can obtain all your authentication tokens with which you identify yourself in the Payphone services.

Create developer user

Log in to your page Payphone Businessand log in with your ruc, email and password, (if you don't have access, the company administrator can log in and create your user) and go to the "Users". then select "Create User":

Enter all the developer's details in the form, don't forget that in the "Roles". you must enter "Developer". (The administrator must provide the e-mail address and password entered.)

With this process in place, the user developer can start the implementation.

Payphone Developer Page

Setting up the development environment allows you to have full control over the transactions made through Payphone. Please follow the steps below:

1. Log in as a developer

Log in to the page https://appdeveloper.payphonetodoesposible.com/ and log in with your developer user credentials (Ruc, email and password).


2. Create Payphone Application:

Development applications allow you to configure your test environment, connection parameters or test users, and help you obtain your authentication credentials such as the token.

To create your application click on the "+"from the top:

A form will open where you must enter the fields of your application, and fill in mainly:

  • Web domainThe url of your website that will connect to the Payphone button. ONLY THE WEB DOMAIN HAS ACCESS TO THE PAYPAL BUTTON, if you do not open the payment button from your web domain, it will not give you access.
  • Response URL: It is the url where the status of the transaction will be notified. You can find the response url at the top of your module configuration that we will see later.

Finally select your application type as WEB

Press Save

Get Authentication Token

With the application configured you must click on the top menu on the credentials tab, and you will have the button to copy your token...

Installation and configuration

Perfect, with your application created we can start the configuration in Prestashop. Go in your Prestashop to the "Modules" section, then to "Module Manager" and finally to "Module Manager".Upload a module". and load the PayPhone plugin. 

To set up your button you must provide the token obtained, go into the PayPhone settings in the plugins section and enter the token obtained:

Note: The field StoreID (Store ID) must be empty, unless you have multiple branches created in your Payphone Business shop.

If you operate branches enter the Sotre ID this is obtained from the PayPhone Developer websitein the company application section, column Actions, List of shops. If you do not manage branches, leave the field empty.

After saving the changes your plugin will be ready to trade.

Testing and move to Production

As we have already mentioned, you have full control over Payphone, and it is you who decides how to run the tests and go into production. You don't need any certification process and you can publish yourself without any problem. Here we give you a guide.

Your application created on the Payphone Developer site has two pre-established environments which are "TESTS" y "PRODUCTION". When you enter the configuration of your application from our Developers site you can select the environment you need.

In testing all your transactions will be approved but no transactions will be connected to any bank processor, so you can use your cards and no charge will be made, or any valid Visa or Mastercard.

In production environment the behaviour is the same, but if the bank connection is made, the transactions are already real and you have your payment button active.

With your application in production the process is complete, congratulations for integrating your Prestashop module.